Reduce Reuse and Recycle Links


At Keys to Living Light, we want to keep as much of the “stuff” we declutter as possible out of landfills. Here are resources to determine the best “new home” for our things.



(guide on recycling and donating h


usehold items)  (glass recycling)  (toy libraries) (helps connect individuals with donation resoures)


Recycle and Donation Opportunities

Donate Human Hair


Donate Crutches:
Recycle Electonics/Batteries
Recycling Drop Off Facilites:
Donate to Crisis Nursery:
Donations that give rewards:
Asbestos Recycling:
Food Shelves/Clothing Centers: (Salvation Army)
Recycle Pill Bottles:
Recycle Office Supplies:

Resale Opportunities (online consignment and thrift store) (sell cell phones) (general home decor and furniture) (furniture and home decor) (men and women’s clothes, home decor) (men, women, kids and home) (luxury consignment, men, women, kids, home)  (higher end kids clothing)  (sell tech devices, legos) (sell clothing, shoes, accessories) (can sell most items) (clothing, shoes, accesories) (men’s high end clothing, shoes, accessories) (anything, must be on facebook) (high end women’s clothing and accessories) (sneakers, handbags, electronics and collectables)