As I write this, our world is in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Within the last month, life as we knew it changed. Everything.

Schools, churches, stores, malls, gyms, restaurants (except for take out) are closed. Many are without jobs as a result. Most are told to stay home. We work from home, go to school from home, go to church from home, work out from home, and of course shop from home.

Our world has gone virtual. Fortunately with technology, we are still able to continue with somewhat “normal” activities.

One recent Sunday morning, I attended a yoga class in Knoxville,Tennessee, a church service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and prepared a class on organizing which I presented to a client in Annandale, Minnesota that afternoon. All from my iphone and ipad.

Many have more time at home than they have ever dreamed of. Enter projects! Get that painting project done that has been waiting for months (years??). Organize that closet. Put photos in albums. The list goes on and on.

For some, the novelty of it all helps them begin. But then, it gets tiring and boring. And what is the best system for that closet, drawer or cupboard?

That’s where virtual organizing comes in. The concept may seem odd at first. But, it really works.

As a professional organizer, I am offering this service. There are many advantages, including:

-No spread of viruses

-Less anxiety. No one is coming into your home. You can show me only what you want me to see

-Less time. These sessions are one hour with me, one hour on your own. (Not necessarily consecutive). My typical organizing sessions are 3 hour blocks.

-Less cost. Because they are less hours, the cost is less.

-There is someone there to consult with and provide ideas. Also, there is someone there to keep you on task. We will get things done!

Each session begins with a phone interview to determine your needs and goals. We will then schedule a one hour session together. Following, you will work one hour on your own. After this is completed, we will connect to discuss progress, answer questions, etc.

So, if this sound like what you need to get going on organizing projects, contact me on this page. Working together can be more fun and productive!