It happens to all of us. We know we have an item somewhere, but where?? When our son was baptized April of 1990, I bravely broke family tradition. Up until that time, all babies born on my side of the family, whether male or female, were baptized in the same gown. When our son was born, I learned my husband had been baptized in a little white shorts outfit.

His family didn’t think our son should be in a gown, so they offered up this outfit to us. I tried it on our son. It fit, so I broke tradition. After baptism, I washed it, and stored it away. Fast forward to 2017, when our first grandson was going to be baptized. “I have dad’s baptism outfit, he can use that,” I said.  Then the search started. I combed through the contents of numerous boxes of clothing and other items in the basement and in our two spare bedrooms at least a thousand times. “I know it’s in this house!”

Much to my disappointment, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Our daughter bought a baptism outfit, that she then passed along to two more of our grandsons.  Then one day, I was cleaning our linen closet. In a white garbage bag I found my husband’s white baptism outfit! I was embarrassed to tell my daughter, but I did confess before our newest grandson’s baptism. She put the outfit on him for a photo, then used the one she purchased to continue her “new” tradition.

Why in the world would one put a baptism outfit in a linen closet in a white bag with no label….! I have learned a few things about organizing and storing items over the years. I hope to pass some of the things I’ve learned on to my clients. It happens to all of us…