Done over perfect.

We are bombarded with pictures of perfect homes.  Pinterest, Instagram and HGTV to name a few.  But we don’t live like this.  Our homes are lived in!  We need to strive for done over perfect.

I have many clients who have been paralyzed in the decluttering and organizing process, because they are trying to achieve perfection. They are trying to figure out the perfect solution for that space. They don’t know where to begin, so they don’t even start.

Recently I worked with a home school family.  Mom/teacher/administrator was paralyzed with all the home school materials she had accumulated, looking for a perfect organizing system.  She couldn’t even begin planning for the next school session.

We began by organizing their books, according to category.  We then created a cabinet for craft supplies and a cabinet for games and puzzles.  A designated space for school supplies was next.  Some things were donated, some recycled along the way.  Gradually, each subject was decluttered and organized.  As we worked, the relief on her face became apparent.  She now feels ready for the upcoming school session, rather than fearing it.

As a professional organizer, I find it is better to start somewhere, and make adjustments, as needed.  Sometimes, I think that I have the perfect solution for the toys that need to be organized, or the furniture that needs to be rearranged.  As I progress in the project, I may need to rethink things and adjust the original plan.  It’s OK to make changes.

I encourage my clients to “live” with the system that we develop and I revisit it with them in 30 days.  Sometimes, it looks great.  Sometimes, there are some adjustments to be made.

The idea of perfection is fluid. Things in a household change.  Children are born and they leave the nest. In between, they grow and develop into new sizes of clothing and new interests.

There is no right answer to many organizing problems.  We need to figure out the best solution for the moment.

Here are some tips that may help you when you don’t know where to begin:

-Start with a small space.  Pick a drawer that is frustrating you, or a cupboard where things fall out when you open it.

-Look around your home for boxes or containers that can be used to organize the space.  It is better to start with what you have than purchase containers that may be the wrong size.

-Spend a set amount of time on a space.  For instance, set the timer for 30-60 minutes. Work uninterrupted, if possible.  Then, step away.  After a break, you may have a new perspective or idea for the space.  Or, you may be thrilled with the result as it is!

In my organizing, I usually work in blocks of 3 hours.  I offer a variety of packages.  The hours can be broken up according to your needs.  Some do better with 2 hours at a time, some can go for 6!

I also offer a maintenance package where I come several times a year. This helps to keep things functional for you and looking great.

In order to meet your needs, flexibility is a must.  I encourage clients to drink water as we go. Also, to take a break for fresh air or a snack as needed.  But, when you have reached your limit, we can be done!

My goal is to help you unlock the door to a home you love and that works for you and your family.