As my business is growing, my focus is narrowing.

I have rebranded Keys to Living Light, offering Professional Organizing, Staging and Redesign.  I have found that clients want a new look for their space, a redesign, once it is decluttered and organized.  I love the challenge of combining and showcasing items in different places in the home.  This may not occur to clients, because they have lived with items in the same place for many years in most cases.

In the case of staging a home to sell, much of the time involves decluttering and organizing, as well as redesign.  Furniture may need to be moved or removed to increase space for good traffic flow.  Decor or “knick knacks” and books need to be thinned out.  Personal photos, religious and political items should be removed.

organized bedroom

Give your home a new look!


So, I narrowed my focus to these services, because they all work together beautifully.

When starting any project, I encourage you to do the same.  Trying to do too much, or too much at once, as in multi tasking, often results in a poor outcome.  It can also be overwhelming, to the point of paralyzing.  I have witnessed clients simply giving up when they feel the task at hand is too much. “I don’t know where to start”.

Here are a few points to consider.

1.  Identify the tasks you want to accomplish. Do a “mind dump”. Creating a list is a great start.  But it is also good to identify timelines.  Break down tasks by monthly, weekly, and even daily goals.  These need to be flexible of course. But they will give you a general idea of where you want to go and how fast.

For more tips on productivity, check out, “How To Be More Productive: 10 Productivity Tips.”

2.  Prioritize.  I ask clients to tell me which space bothers them the most.  That’s where we begin!  From there, assign your other tasks a priority number. Again, these priorities may change as things proceed.

3.  Take your number one priority and break it down further.  For instance, if the basement is where you want to start, identify which space in the basement you will work on first.  This step is critical.  It is unlikely you will finish a space this large in one sesssion.  In order to feel a sense of accomplishment and not get discouraged, refining the space is very important.

4.  Before beginning a task, prepare yourself.  Get a good nights rest, eat a healthy meal, drink plenty of water throughout the project.  Take breaks, sit down and relax at regular intervals.

5.  “Eat the frog”.  In other words, do the tasks you dread most first, when your energy is highest.

6.  Be satisfied with “good enough”.  I find things get moved, then moved again, and again.  You have to start somewhere.  Don’t expect perfection, or you may just end up throwing up your hands in frustration.

Just do it

Done Beats Perfect. Every Time


Since I have narrowed my focus in my business, I feel like my path is more clear.  I hope you have this feeling too, as you narrow your focus on tasks you hope to accomplish.  It is truly my goal to help you “Unlock the door to a home you love!”

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