“I Can Do It Myself!” says my 2 year old granddaughter every 5 minutes or so. Then, after a period of struggling to get both of her legs into 1 pant leg, spilling milk all over the floor, or messing up the remote beyond nana’s capabilities to fix, she may accept some help. Of course, this is normal 2-year-old behavior (and 3 and 4 and…), and must happen to promote independence.

This sentiment follows us into adulthood, which is also good. But at times, we all need help. Why does asking for help make us feel inadequate or even like a failure?

Picture a couple with young children. They both work outside the home, and of course, have all the daily home responsibilities as well. Making meals, shopping, laundry,cleaning, etc.  So,as life goes on and things accumulate, how is this couple supposed to find time to declutter and organize the many spaces in their home? They’re lucky to get dinner on the table and the dishes done before it’s time to eat again. Life for them is overwhelming.

Another picture for you. A couple with an empty, but very cluttered nest. They are looking to move to a smaller home. But, what about all the stuff??  The kids don’t want it. They won’t have room for it. Life for them is overwhelming.

Fast forward. Mom died. Then dad. The family feels such grief and sadness. Just going into the family home is a dreaded task, let alone making decisions about mom and dad’s belongings. Life for them is overwhelming. So, why don’t we ask for help in these situations? Many times, it may be because we are unaware it is available. Professional organizers haven’t been around for very long. It’s only in the past few years that they have become more mainstream, thanks to television shows, books,magazines,and newspaper articles.

How can an organizer help you? Let me count the ways.

1. You will actually set aside time for decluttering and organizing.  When you schedule a 3-hour block of time with an organizer, you will want to use every minute. You won’t get distracted. You will FOCUS!

2.  An organizer will bring specific methods to the project.  Many times, we “don’t know where to start.”  An organizer does.

3.  An organizer knows tools and tricks that you may not be aware of. They have learned what works best in many situations and can pass that knowledge along when working on your project.

4.  Organizers bring a neutral view point. Many of our belongings; clothes, memorabilia, and décor have emotional connections.  A neutral party can add another dimension and viewpoint. Organizers have suggestions for keeping and cherishing the memories.

5.  Many organizers belong to NAPO (National Association for Productivity and Organizers.) The group has a forum whereby they help one another. They can literally get ideas and assistance from organizers all over the country within a day!

6.  Organizers are aware of places to donate items for reuse or recycling. It is much easier to declutter if you know your items are going to be usefulto someone else.

So, before you become completely overwhelmed and frustrated by trying to get 2 legs in 1 pant leg, or before you rent a storage unit, (or 2 or 3), consider hiring a professional organizer. It will be worth every penny!

I would be honored to be your professional organizer. I find joy in helping you lighten your load and giving you renewed energy!