God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so behind I will never die.

These were the words on a sweatshirt I gifted my mother years ago. She loved it and wore it often. My dear mother always felt she was behind in her work. Especially at home. Mom grew up in the depression era, and learned not to waste or throw anything away that may be useful someday.

Because of this, she had stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Clothing, décor, sheets, towels, over the counter medicines (she didn’t worry about expiration dates), and gift wrap, to name a few.

My mother left this earth to go to heaven in 2012. After she died, I cleaned out many of her things. I took her Christmas gift wrap home to use up myself. Well Christmas 2018 just wrapped up and I am still using her paper. I am wondering if it will outlast me.

Below is a picture of one of her vintage wrapping papers!

I spent time with my mother while she was still able, trying to pare down and organize her things. She was so grateful, and thanked me over and over. She would find joy and relief when she went to her newly organized spaces.

This is what I want for my clients. I want them to feel joy, relief and satisfaction as we declutter and organize their things. Let’s achieve freedom together as we tackle them, one by one. To gift wrap that never expires, and to a New Year- cheers!