I have lived in Minnesota my entire life.  I’m not a fan of January.  It’s cold and dark.  It seems one by one, houses put away their beautiful Christmas lights. The days are short, and  the temperatures drop.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I prefer warm (even hot) temperatures and more sunlight.

But, there is one positive thing I can say about January.  It is a month of new beginnings. I don’t set resolutions for myself.  But, I always have goals.  You can bet my goals have always included healthy eating and some kind of fitness accomplishment.  I also may have a goal to improve my home in some way, to achieve a certification, or to travel.

Since I became a Professional Organizer, I learned January has a name.  It’s GO (get organized) month.  Of course, I think this is great!  It’s actually perfect timing with more indoor time than ever.

So to help you get started on some organizing projects, I am giving you 5 ideas.  Pick one. Do it.  Repeat. Your life will soon be lighter and brighter!

1.  Go to your closet.  Turn your hangers around.  At the end of each season, you will know what clothing you don’t wear because the hangers are still turned around.  Evaluate those pieces.  Can they be donated or recycled, or do you want to give them one more season?  It’s a great way to thin things out and maybe even rediscover some clothes you forgot about!

2.  Use trays, bins, or baskets to corral your items.  When you go to organize a drawer or cupboard, first empty it.  Then sort the items and declutter.  Start a trash bag, a recycle bag and a donation bag (or box).  Clean the space.  Before putting things back, put them in something to help keep them tidy and organized.  You can even use gift boxes that may be laying around.

3.  Go through the linen closet.  Say good bye to linens that don’t fit any of your beds, or those worn out and tired.  Put sets of linens in baskets or bins, labeled with the sheet size.  Has anyone else spent valuable time trying to figure out what size the sheet is??

4.  Keep a donation box going at all times.  It may even be a good idea to put one in every closet.  That way, if something doesn’t fit, or will no longer be worn, in the box it goes right then and there.

5.  Last,  but not least, pause before buying.  Do you already own something  similar?  Do you have something else that could do the same job?  Do you have a place for it?

I wish you happy organizing and lighter living in 2021, as well as health and happiness.

And always remember-summer is coming!!