It seems fall brings us back to our kitchens.  Packing school lunches and snacks are a daily task.  Cooler temperatures make us think of meals cooked in the oven, instead of on the grill. August is the perfect time to prepare our pantries and kitchens for all this action.


Pantry storage containers and organizing solutions for the kitchen abound.   You can often see perfectly organized pantries full of aesthetically pleasing canisters holding dry goods. Have you been wondering how to imitate the look in your own home, while staying on a budget? If so, you’re in the perfect place, because I’ve done the research for you!


Here are my top 6 favorite & inexpensive storage containers and organizing supplies to keep your pantry and kitchen tidy and efficient!


Product #1:  Kitchen Turntables


I don’t think I’ve organized a kitchen or pantry without at least one of these!  The divided ones are great for snack bars, pouches, etc, as shown in the photo. 

I also use them for oils and flavored vinegars, seasonings by the stove top, and condiments in the refrigerator.It is so easy to see your options when on a turntable versus layered in the cabinet.


Product #2:  OXO  POP Container Set


These come in a variety of sizes.  The 10-piece set is shown.  Not only are they on trend, but they are  also airtight. An airtight seal is an important feature for keeping all your dry-goods fresh over time. Another great feature is that they are easily stackable!  Being able to stack them makes this set perfect for apartments and homes with smaller kitchens.

You will quickly see when your snacks, cereal, and pantry staples need to be replenished with these clear containers.


Product #3:  Wire Baskets

 Wire baskets are perfect for miscellaneous snacks, baked goods, fruits, and vegetables. Most basket options also come with handles and are deep enough to hold all your various odds and ends. 

I love to have some fresh fruit out on the counter for a quick snack.  Wire baskets are a beautiful way to display  fruit and also give it some air to keep it fresh.  


Product #4:  Plastic storage bins with handles.


I love these bins. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. I buy the clear ones by the case!  In the pantry, they can be used for groupings of items, i.e.breakfast, snacks, crackers, etc.  I also like to use a bin for baking ingredients. When you pull it out, you have the baking soda, baking powder, salt, vanilla, etc. all in one spot.  

I use them in the freezer to contain things like freezies and packages of frozen vegetables. Labeling the bins will ensure things get back in the correct spot.  


Product #5: Stackable Can Rack Organizers


Storing canned goods is always a hassle. They can take up a whole shelf in your pantry, even when double stacked. A stackable can rack organizer is a great solution! These racks can hold cans of various sizes and you can organize your cans by the purpose and their contents. 


Product #6: Cabinet Storage Rack for Pans, Lids, and Cutting Boards


Cooking is much more enjoyable when you can get  things out, without a fight. These racks make retrieving pans, lids and cutting boards so much easier.  They just slide out.  No need to take them all out to get the size you need!  Most of these organizers can be positioned on their side or upright, depending on the size and layout of your cabinet.  There are many varieties to choose from.  


Make food preparation and cooking enjoyable with a well organized space


It’s not always easy to maximize the space you have in your kitchen pantry. Luckily, these storage products can assist you in doing just that, while also allowing you to organize all your pantry items. Get yourself some of these great storage options today to stay on budget and on trend. Happy organizing!