Give your student a place to succeed

If you want to raise successfully organized students, you must give them the tools to succeed. A proper study space — that is both comfortable and fully stocked with school supplies — is essential to get kids motivated for after-school studying.

Where to study?

Start by deciding where your kids will do homework. Involve them, ask where they prefer to study, considering their age and independence level. Do they like the privacy and quiet of a desk in their bedroom? Or do they want to be near you in a centrally located space such as the kitchen or family room? Once you decide, make sure it’s well stocked with supplies.
If your child has a desk, you may choose to organize supplies inside the drawers or in containers on top of it or on shelving above it. Make sure to categorize, containerize, and label items (such as writing utensils in one area, paper in another) so the desk drawers don’t become chaotic catch-alls.
For those working outside their bedrooms, create a portable office. This will allow them to work anywhere inside (or even outside) your home. A tackle box or any type of small storage box (even a shoebox) will do. Fill it with supplies, such as pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers, highlighters, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, tape, stapler, paper clips, ruler, calculator, sticky notes, paper, and any other supplies that your child frequently uses. Keep an age-appropriate dictionary handy. Also consider keeping a small stock of rarely needed but important project accessories, such as report covers and poster board.

Maintenance is key.

Help your student learn to maintain their study space. At the end of each study session, remind your students to pack up the supplies so they’re ready for the next day’s use. Teach them to make a list of items that need replenishing. Maintain consistency but allow for flexibility for guaranteed-happy kids!
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