Stress, stress, stress

I would like to spend some time talking about ways to give gifts without adding stress to the giver and clutter to the recipient.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the most stressful part of the holiday is getting the perfect gift for others. Unless someone tells me exactly what they would like, I flounder.

Add to that, where are the recipients of our gifts going to put even more stuff??

Let’s talk about toys. Most parents cringe at the thought of finding space for more legos, Barbies, games, etc.  As an aside, this is the perfect time to thin your toys in preparation for the holiday influx.  Check our my blog post on “Organizing Toys.”

And then there’s clothes.  I personally need to try on a number of items of clothing before I find the right fit, style and price.  So how am I supposed to find an item of clothing that is just right for someone else???

Another example-kitchen tools.  There are many out there that promise to make life easier.  But does anyone remember to use them? Or are they just going to add clutter?

Home decor-who needs one more thing to dust…?

I have decluttered and organized for clients who labor over what to do with gifts they have received and really don’t want or need.  They feel guilty for giving them away.  One thing to remember, the gift is in the giving.  Once you receive the gift, it is yours to do whatever you wish with it!  Release the guilt.

But now let’s focus on gifts that can be used or used up.  These gifts are a win for the giver and the recipient.


Here is a list of practical gifts for you to consider giving this holiday:


Events-instead of showering your children and grandchildren with gifts, take them to a fun event.  This year, my husband and I are taking one set of grandchildren to a “Disney on Ice” show, another set to “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”  We hope to make fun memories!  Another idea, a pass or even a year membership to a local children’s museum or zoo will be much appreciated..

This idea can be used for any age.  Tickets to a concert or play is a splurge most would enjoy.

Food and beverages We all love to eat and drink.  A grocery store gift card is a sure win.  If that is too boring, assemble a gift basket.  Fruit baskets, soup mixes or bases with specialty crackers, coffee or tea, wine and cheese, hot cocoa with marshmallows.  You get the idea.  Delicious!

Dining out- Give a gift card from a favorite restaurant.  If the recipient has young children, you may want to include babysitting.  Whether they choose to dine in or take out, this is a win for the recipient and the restaurant.


]gift card for dining out

Everyone enjoys dining out  (photo credit- Jay Wennington)

Toiletries-Shampoo, lotions, soaps, essential oils, etc.  Create a spa basket they will love.

]gift idea, soaps

Give gifts you know they will use (photo credit Victor Forgacs)


Spa or salon gift cardThe recipient can select a service (hair, nails, facial, massage) for a gift they will truly look forward to using.

Store gift card Get a gift card to their favorite store.  With the after Christmas sales your dollar will go further.  And they will be sure to love their selection.

Practical gifts-I had a client who requested toilet paper as a gift last year.  Other practical suggestions; diapers, cleaning supplies, printer cartridges..

A clean, organized house-Who doesn’t need this?  A gift card for a cleaning service, professional organizer, or stager/re-designer is a treat that will be treasured.  This is especially true with all the time we are spending in our homes in the cooler months.

]organized bedroom

Organizing and giving a home a new look would be a welcome gift

Donation to an Organization-for the person who has everything, or would prefer to help others, this is perfect.  There are so many organizations that are in need of contributions. Donate in honor of your recipient.

Christmas wishes

I wish you all the blessings and joy of Christmas.  I am grateful for your business and friendships.  My hope is to continue to help you live a light and happy life!

Christmas decor (photo credit-Sincerely Media)