Julie Starke

I offer a unique combination of weight loss, decluttering and organizational consulting, real estate staging, and home redesign.
I have worked as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, helping people improve their quality of life for 35 years. As a Professional Organizer with a specialty in Residential Organizing, Home Staging, and a Master Color Consultant, I am trained by the National Association for Productivity and Organization, The Institute for Professional Organizers, Transformations Staging and Redesign School, and Staging Studio.

It is my goal to help you find freedom and joy in your life. Together, we can restore peace in your world.

I have a down-to-earth, realistic approach in my consulting practice. My many years of life experience has resulted in patience, calm, and a sense of humor. I look forward to working with you!

Why this combination?

Studies have shown (and we all know) clutter and disorganization lead to stress. A stress hormone called cortisol is released when we are stressed. Cortisol causes us to crave unhealthy foods and promotes fat storage in our bodies, especially our mid-section.

  • People have been shown to eat more high calorie snacks (cookies in particular), in a “chaotic” kitchen than an organized one.
  • A cluttered environment is associated with a lack of energy flowing through the home. This is also true of extra body weight. Decluttering the home, as well as the body, results in improved energy and more vitality.
  • Decluttering and organizing can be physically exhausting. Extra weight may make the process even more difficult, if not impossible.
  • An organized kitchen is much more conducive to preparing healthy meals.
  • An organized home will allow more time to pursue your weight loss goals.


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Serving Central Minnesota and the West Metro.