Keys to Living Light Virtual Organizing


Virtual Organizing Services may be a good fit for you!  I offer two types of services.  

The traditional virtual service will include an initial phone conversation to determine your goals for the space.  If possible, this would also include photos of the space sent via email or text, prior to our session.

Each session includes one hour with me via face time or google duo . You will then do then one hour on your own to complete tasks.  After the second hour, we will touch base via phone or email to review and discuss your progress.  At this time, we will schedule additional sessions as needed.

The fee for each session is $50.00.  Packages as described on the pricing page can be also be purchased.  

Benefits include:

-Less stress.  No one will be coming into your home.  You can show me only what you want me to see.  

-More flexibility.  The appointments are shorter.  They can be slipped into your day more easily.

-Easier scheduling.  These appointments can be scheduled at your convenience.

-No fear of illness being brought into your home.  

The second type of virtual service would be for me to take your organizing projects home with me to complete.  

This may include paperwork, photos, or any other "mobile" project.

This will be billed based on hours needed to complete the project.

Contact me for more information on either of these options today!