• If you are a busy professional/parent with little extra time, I can help organize your life for a smooth daily flow.
• If you are an empty nester or senior, let me work with you to down size! 
Moving?   I can assist  before, during and after a move.   I can help you stage your home to make it looks its best.  We will declutter, organize and stage, making your home look great and sell fast!  I can help you pack and/or unpack and  set up your new home.  
• If you have a home business.  Organization is very important in the success of your business.  An organized office environment allows creative energy to flow and increases productivity!
Papers everywhere?  Can't find a document when you need it??  I can help you gain control of your paper and put a filing system in place that works for you.
• Is your life is in transition  due to a death, divorce, new baby or aging parents?  Organizing is the last thing on your mind.  I can relieve some of the stress by helping you keep your home running  smoothly at a time when you need it most.
Keys to Living Light can help you lighten your life...
whatever stage of life you are in!


1.  Contact me to set up an in-depth assessment of your current diet and lifestyle, as well as your living space. This assessment will be in your home and will last approximately 1  hour.
2. We will then set up an implementation session, to give you an individualized plan of action. There is no “one size fits all” way to lose weight or get organized. We will work on lifestyle and/or organizational goals.
It is best to work in 3-hour time blocks; however, this can be adjusted as needed. I have many packages to choose from  Implementation sessions can continue to be scheduled until your goals for the lifestyle and/or your space are accomplished.
3. Once an organizing system is in place for a space and/or the weight management program is underway, we will meet in approximately 30 days for a complimentary follow-up. The goal of this session is to see how the system is working. Changes may be made and new goals set, according to your progress. This session will take approximately 30 minutes, and will be repeated for each space accomplished.
Don’t let your stuff or weight bog you down another day. Contact Keys to Living Light today, let’s talk about your possibilities.  I have packages available.  There is one that is perfect for you!  Gain control of your life today.
You can work on your weight, your clutter, your home's look or all of these. You choose! 
All work is completely confidential .  I will help you l find the freedom you crave and deserve without any judgement.  
Weight Loss Consulting:
Diets don’t work! Lifestyle modifications you can live with, do.  Many factors contribute to your weight, we will dig into each one!
Food Choices:  Individualized goals will be set, one at a time!
Exercise/Activity:  Variety is key. 
Stress:  Stress leads to weight gain.  Period.  Let me help find ways to manage it.
Sleep:  Burning the candle at both ends will do you no favors when it comes to your weight.  
Decluttering/Organizing and Staging/Redesign:
Decluttering, organizing and staging give a sense of peace and calm.  Whether you are preparing to sell or planning to stay, you will thank yourself every day!
Clutter weighs us down physically and emotionally.  I can help with the following areas of your home:once we get things organizes, staging and redesign naturally flow.  A new look is refreshing!
*Kitchen (if you are working on your weight, I suggest we start here!)
*Family room
*Living room
*Dining room
*Laundry room
*Toy room/play room
I will begin with an assessment of your entire home, making  suggestions as we go.  You can take it from there
 or I can help you complete the process.