Keys to Living Light Packages

Lighten Up   (3 hours @ $145.00)

Let’s get the momentum going!  Whether we are working to organize a smaller space (such as an entryway, bathroom or closet,) or helping you lose some weight, or both, this package is a great way to start.  With the education given during these hours, you may be able to keep momentum going on your own. 

Feel the Energy   (9 hours @ $420.00)

Let’s really get after it!  This package will give us time to tackle several smaller spaces or a large space (such as a bedroom, kitchen or laundry room.)   We will have time to work on lifestyle goal setting, meal planning and preparation.


Let Freedom Ring   (18 hours @ $790.00)

The name says it all.  Free to see big results in your home and your body.  You can truly know what it feels like to live light and eat right. 


-All organizing packages include a free initial consultation and 30 day follow- up after each space completed.

Most packages will be broken into 3 hour time slots.  If you are just working on weight loss, 1 hour time slots may be more beneficial.  (Initial consultation for weight loss counseling is one of the package hours).

Package hours may include donating goods, shopping for just the right organizing products, and/or a trip to the grocery store to select some foods to match your weight loss goals. 


Maintain the Joy  (6 hours per year @$300.00)

Now that things are looking great, let’s maintain.  I will come in every 4 months for 2 hours to keep things looking just right and/or help you keep on track with your weight and health goals.

You will never regret getting this package!

Virtual Organizing

These sessions are done via facetime or Google Duo.  

Each session includes an phone intake interview, a one hour work session with me, followed by one hour on your own.  After the second hour, we will connect to review progress and identify any problem areas. Further sessions will be scheduled at this time, as needed.

$50.00 per session.   Any of the above packages can be purchased.  


Real Estate Staging and Redesign

($75.00 per hour)

-If you are planning to sell your home, an in-home staging consult is a must!  Staged homes sell 78% faster and for 6-10% more money.

This report includes a thorough inspection with practical suggestions indoors and outdoors.  Completed in 1-2 hours.

If you would like help implementing the suggestions, I suggest you invest in one of the above packages.


-If you want to refresh your interior space (s) without investing money in new décor, let me help you with a redesign.

We can move things around to create a new look.  I can also help select paint colors if you wish.


De-cluttering for a move, Packing or Unpacking

These tasks may be better served by half or full day options. During these hours, I will not be teaching organizing skills, just getting the job done!


Half Day (4 hours) @$190.00

Full Day (8 hours) @$365.00


A la Carte

Want just an hour or two of decluttering, organizing or packing?  No problem, hourly rate is $50.00.


A note about products:

I will bring a selection of organizing products to each visit for purchase, if you wish.  These products are meant for your convenience and to assist us in leaving the project looking more “finished”.

There may be many times where you have organizing products that we need already in your home.  Additionally, if products are needed, you may wish to purchase them on your own.

If you do choose to purchase from me, I will charge my hourly rate for the time it took to acquire the products. 

You will benefit from the discounts I receive from various vendors.  You will simply reimburse me for the cost I paid plus tax.